Thursday, 12 September 2013


From the book Not Even Wrong Dr. Woit makes a common mistake on page 6 explaining Einstein's famous equation E=mcc:

Note that using units in which the speed of light [c] is set to one simplifies this [equation] to E=m, so energy [E] and mass [m] become equal in the context described by this equation.  As a result, particle physicists use the same units to measure energy and mass.
If this was truly the case then the equation should more properly be E=xm where x could be any real number without any units of measurement.  There is no context in which energy and mass are equivalent.  They are measured in different units which cannot be ignored in any context. For example, in the equation for area of a rectangle (A) with length r and width w given by A = rw, if the length is set to 1 unit in size, A = w does not imply that area and width are now equal in the context described by this second equation.  Area is still given in squared units of displacement while lengths and widths are stated in units of displacement that are not squared.  

Monday, 8 July 2013

A Short Introduction

My goal in this blog is to climb to the greatest intellectual heights.  I aspire to understand and hopefully be understood and inspire others of good will in this difficult challenge.  I want to shine the light on ideas and the consequences of accepting bad ideas.  I want to read the most influential intellectual works--the best available translations where possible--first hand.  I hope to one day to reach the highest altitude possible following the best route set out by those who started before me.  It would give me the greatest pleasure to share that achievement with others.

I have a great interest in Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism, especially its foundations.  However, understanding is an individual accomplishment and there is no procedure that can short-circuit this process.  Even if someone else makes a claim, everyone must individually make the effort to fully understand the claim and evaluate it, or choose not to make that effort.

I hope to quickly improve my writing and steadily increase my understanding and evaluation skills.  I will make every effort to document properly all quotations and claims that are not generally known.  Please be prepared to so if you quote someone or make such a claim.  If there are any sincere questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.  Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

All the best,